Kristian Blummenfelt: how is he training?

Kristian Blummenfelt is a twice norwegian triathlon champion. He won 4 times the Bahrein IronMan 70.3 race. And he’s a top-rank athlet in the recent Super League Triathlon. Based on his results, let’s analyze his training program.

In 2020, Strava gives us some precious informations:

  • 15.000km cycling
  • 4.700km running
  • 440km swimming

Those huge distances can be recalculated weekly:

  • avg. 300km cycling weekly
  • avg. 100km running
  • avg. 10km swimming

If we estimate that he’s riding at around 30km’h during his training sessions, this means Blummenfelt is cycling 10h each week. Much more than Chris Hoy!

About running, speed depends of the surface. Running on a stadium or in the mountains is not the same. So, let’s put a number: 10km/‘h. This means that our favourite Norwegian is running about 10 hours a week!

Finally, about swimming, 10km can be translated by 2km each day, and 2 days off.

So, let’s try to schedule it on a typical week:

  • Monday
    • Cycling 60km + Running 20km + Swimming 2km
  • Tuesday
    • Running 10km + Swimming 2km
  • Wednesday
    • Cycling 60km + Running 20km
  • Thursday
    • Cycling 60km + Swimming 2km
  • Friday
    • Cycling 60km + Running 20km + Swimming 2km
  • Saturday
    • Running 10km + Swimming 2km
  • Sunday
    • Cycling 60km

This typical week is not exactly what Kristian does. This is an estimated week, based on his 2020 distances. But, what do we learn about all of this?

  • 100km running weekly is too much, if you want to avoid back problems. That’s why we splitted it and scheduled off days.
  • He did 195 swimming sessions, so 2,2km each session. Looks like a lot of educational workouts.
  • 300km riding each week at a fundamental endurance is a good way to make muscle fiber.
  • He’s riding outside mainly. He doesn’t seem to be a big fan of Zwift sessions. Last connection, 7 months ago.

How to follow Kristian Blummenfelt?

This program has been edited July, 16th 2021.
All the datas listed here are public.

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