Anna Van Der Breggen: how is she training?

Anna Van Der Bregen is a former Olympic Champion. She’s specialized in road bicycle, mainly. And she did a hat trick, by winning 3 times the Giro d’Italia Femminile. So, it’s not a surprise when Zwift asked her for a training program on their platform. Indeed, she submitted a “Fun is Staying Cool” workout. Which targets strength on the legs. By keeping its heart rate at the lowest possible rate.

From January to June, 2021, she wasn’t a strong Zwifter. Actually, she did 2 workouts only in June:

Wednesday, 23rd June 2021 @10am – morning
Cycling 50min. 25km
Group Ride width around 500 zwifters
Average power: 132 Watts (191 max.)
Average cadence cycling: 82 (110 max.)

Sunday, 20th June 2021 @10pm – evening
Cycling 30min. 22km
Private event
Average power: 201 Watts (268 max.)
Average cadence cycling: 83 (95 max.)

And nothing during 5 months…

Sunday, 9th January 2021 @10pm – evening
Cycling 30min. 22km
Simple ride, in Zwift NYC track
Average power: 165 Watts (503 max.)

Here, she pushed a little bit harder. But the average power seem smooth. Well, those datas does’nt seem very strong, in comparison with Chris Hoy and his huge watts.

So, what do we learn about all of this?

  • Anna is not a big fan of virtual/indoor training, and does it when she’s not outside.
  • Or to end her weekly training, Sunday evening. Maybe, that’s why her watts seem low.
  • She’s very light (56kg) so it helps her for sure to be consistent and fast on a real bike ib the real world. Weight is a key of success!

By the way, she’s not very active on Strava. So, it’s quite difficult to learn anything else, about her functional threshold power, ie. Cyclingnews tells us that she’s retiring and starting a family. So, let’s see what happens on Zwift in the next weeks, and if she’s more on virtual training and races!

How to follow Anna van der Breggen?

This program has been edited June, 30th 2021.
All the datas listed here are public.

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