Prosworkout is the result of a passion for sport and endurance sports. Most professional athletes practice endurance sports. Whether they are boxers, racing drivers or basketball players in the NBA, they all need to develop aerobic performance. As well as muscle strengthening sessions, more or less specific. To drink lots of water. And pay attention to their diet.

Anyway, my name is Scott Koutrich, I’m based in Ottawa, CA. When I started training myself, I wanted to train like the pros. At the time, we did not have social networks. Today, most data are public. You can see the watts developed by our champs on Zwift. Their VMA sessions on Strava. And even diet tips on Instagram! Our athletes communicate constantly. And give us all the tools in hand to progress in our turn.

This is Prosworkout

This website is a mix of passion and data analysis to better schedule your trainings. To work smart. According to your constraints. Most of us are amateurs, employees, fathers or mothers. But these constraints and our respective ages should not prevent us from having fun. And learn a little bit every day.

You wanna finish an IronMan? Run a 10k under 40 minutes? Increase your swimming abilities? Or compete a Trail-running race? You’ll find a lot of books on Amazon or Wallmart to schedule all the trainings you need. On Prosworkout.com, you won’t find these kinds of training plans. Because we have nothing to sell. All we do is reading data. And sharing some analyzes we find on social medias. Family, work… we don’t all have lots of time for sport. So, sometimes, we need some specific key trainings to improve ourselves.

As would say the great singer Phil Collins, from Genesis: “That’s all“.

So, have fun & good sport to all!

Scott K.

Scott Koutrich from Prosworkout