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Triathlon is a combination of 3 sports: swimming, cycling and running. Impossible to get bored in training as there is a variety of exercises. Indoor cycling training, sea swimming, trail running, mountain biking or muscle building. Triathlon is a rich and intense sport for everyone. What about competing in triathlon? First, you have to choose the size you want to race: from XS to XL, the distance increase in each sport. The most famous XL race is called IronMan 140.6, which means one hundred and about fourty miles, to swim, cycle and run.

Marten Van Riel : how is he training?

Martin Van Riel

Marten Van Riel is a Belgian triathlete from Antwerp. He won bronze medals at the 2018 European Triathlon Championships 20 2018. And he competes in Super League Triathlon, with Kristian Blummenfelt and the frenchman Vincent Luis. And in March 2022, he won…

Sebastian Kienle: how is he training?

Sebastian Kienle on his Home Trainer

Sebastian Kienle is a german triathlet. He won the Iron-man Kona race in 2014. Let’s focus on his training plan as we can see on the mobile app Companion provided by On Zwift, there’s nothing about swimming. Sebastian Kienle uses…