Cassandre Beaugrand: what about her swimsuit and trainings?

Cassandre Beaugrand is a French champion, specialist in triathlon. Trained by her father from an early age, she began to run and swim very young. Since then, Cassandre has set incredible times in swimming:

  • 2’07”25 – 200 m ;
  • 4’26”89 – 400 m freestyle

In an Ironman distance, swimming is the shortest distance and the smallest part of the race. But it is often dreaded. Because swimming is the first race of a triathlon. And because most of triathletes are often cyclists or runners. Who came late to the triathlon. Which is not really the case of Cassandre Beaugrand, who first shone on the stadium or cross country before taking up very quickly swimming. And cycling.

During outdoor triathlons, the swimming suit may be authorized. It brings a real advantage to improve your swimming, without getting tired. Except during the Super League Triathlon, during which Cassandre, Kristian and the other triathletes will only wear their tri-function. Due to the specific profile of these races. But how to choose a good Neoprene wetsuit ? We will mainly retain 2 criteria:

  • The quality of the raw materials: the higher the quality, the more efficient they are. The quality of a wetsuit is first and foremost the quality of the Neoprene used. And when we talk about quality, we think above all of its flexibility. The rule is very simple: the more flexible, the better it is (and more expensive);
  • The manufacturing costs: between a sewn wetsuit, and another that is sewn and glued, the second will cost more. But above all, it will help to retain the heat better.

Cassandre’s fetish swimsuit: the Aquaman gold cell lady

There are different Neoprene manufacturers. But for specific triathlon needs, the brand most often cited is Yamamoto. In the mid-1980s, the Yamamoto 39 model appeared. And the main interest of this material was to apply SCS on it. This is an outer coating that is applied directly to the Neoprene. And that makes it water repellent. And it reduces the frictional forces between the water and the suit. SCS also reduces abrasion in high friction areas, making suits more durable.

For a swimmer like Cassandre Beaugrand, it’s potentially 1 to 2 minutes of gain over a distance of 1000m. But for all other amateur swimmers, the real gain depends on so many parameters…

During the first T1 Swimming – Cycling transition, thanks to the SCS, it will be easier to take off your wetsuit. Which is important, for the chrono. And to lower your stress level. The Aquaman Gold wetsuit chosen by Cassandre incorporates Yamamoto Giga 40, which is even more flexible than before. But it also has soft side panels, called Yamamoto Aerodrome. Finally, this top-of-the-range suit incorporates a 3rd essential textile: the jersey. This centerpiece, glued to Neoprene, will strengthen it. And define the final flexibility of your Neoprene.

So, it’s easy to understand why Cassandre uses the top Aquaman suit. Which includes Yamamoto Giga 40 + SCS + a very good Jersey. For a pro like her, it’s quite obvious to wear this kind of product for swimming races.

Cassandre Beaugrand typical pro swimming training

The suit is important. But it’s just a tool! The main parameter of your ability to swim fast is still training. In swimming pools. And in open water, if that’s possible. Based in the south of France in Montpellier, Cassandre trains with the best coaches. Here is a typical workout she might follow:

  • Warming Up
    • 2x (100 slow crawl r1’45 + 50 slow back r10’ + 100 4n V1 r10’)
    • 4x 50 crawl with 15m very fast r1’
  • Technical and Physiological work
    • 2x 100 (50 polo crawl, 50 crawl, with arms stopped at the top) r20’
    • 4x(400 fast crawl r6’ + 2×50 crawl in ie. 35/40“ with less than 40 strokes r1
  • Legs and arms
    • 8x 50 legs r1’15
    • 8x 50 crawl + butterfly stroke r50’
    • 2x (400 crawl + butterfly stroke fast r6’ + 2×50 crawl + butterfly stroke very fast r1’)

How to follow Cassandre Beaugrand?


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