Marten Van Riel : how is he training?

Marten Van Riel is a Belgian triathlete from Antwerp. He won bronze medals at the 2018 European Triathlon Championships 20 2018. And he competes in Super League Triathlon, with Kristian Blummenfelt and the frenchman Vincent Luis. And in March 2022, he won the IronMan 70.3 in Dubaï!

His race was very strong:

  • Swim 1.2mile (1.9km): 22:48
  • Bike 56mile (90km): 1h53’27
  • Run Hal-marathon 13.1mile (21.1km): 1h07’55

Overall time: 3h27’40

Strava delivers some precious data about his trainings in 2021:

  • 11.000km cycling
  • 2000km running
  • 7km swimming

In comparison of other champs, it doesn’t seem that much. This is 6500km less than Blummenfelt in 2020. And overall, 7km of swimming seems that he doesn’t share all his swimming sessions on Strava. 400km by year should be an average pro distance.

But in October 2021, he injured his shoulder while riding on a his bike in Spain. So, his last victory seems that Marten is back!

How to follow Marten Van Riel?

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