Sebastian Kienle: how is he training?

Sebastian Kienle is a german triathlet. He won the Iron-man Kona race in 2014. Let’s focus on his training plan as we can see on the mobile app Companion provided by On Zwift, there’s nothing about swimming. Sebastian Kienle uses this app mainly for cycling. But hardly for running. And at the time of this article’s writing, Sebastian Kienle is level 40 on Zwift Cycling and Cat. A in Zwift Races. Here what we can see on the app:

  • Wednesday, 26th May 2021@6pm
    Cycling 1h30 51,7km
    Workout TT on Makuri Islands – CountrySide Tour
    Average cadence cycling: 79 (97 max.)
    New PR 10’91 on sprint Country Sprint
  • Tuesday, 25th May 2021 @6pm
    Cycling 1H35 48,9km Workout Nü Stage on Makuri Islands – Chain Chomper
    New PR 6’30’‘7 on Kemple KOM
    _New PR 11’27 on sprint _Country Sprint
  • Monday, 24th May 2021
  • Sunday, 23th May 2021 @6pm Cycling 1h30 55km
    Workout GA 2021 Pt2 on Watopia
    Average cadence cycling: 81 (102 max.)
  • Saturday, 22th May 2021 @6pm
    Cycling 2h00 47,7km
    The track looks like Alpe du Zwift / Road to Sky
    Average cadence cycling: unknown (69 max.)
  • Saturday, 22th May 2021 @12am
    Cycling 1h30 43,7km
    Workout VT+ on Watopia
    Average cadence cycling: 81 (110 max.)
  • Friday, 21st May 2021
  • Thursday, 20th May 2021 @6pm
    Cycling 2h00 69km
    Workout RP Vari on Watopia
    Average cadence cycling: 81 (139 max.)
    New PR 2’04’‘7 on Titan Grove KOM

With those datas given, we can draw some conclusions:

  • Sebastian Kienle is riding 10h per week on a Home Trainer, on Zwift;
  • Always around 6pm, as a 2nd day session; it seems to be burned calories sessions;
  • Just 1 day per week is only about cycling. With a 1st session in the morning, and a 2nd session in the afternoon;
  • It seems to be easy sessions, not very hard sessions (ie. Gimenez). But he works on endurance. No speed, but constancy.

Let’s see next weeks/months if Sebastian is changing something in this routine.
This will help us to know how to train to be ironman, too!

How to follow Sebastian Kienle?

This program has been edited May, 27th 2021.
All the datas listed here are public.

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