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Formula 1 drivers are known for special training: they mainly focus on the neck area. The head being the heaviest part of the body, and because of the G-force in the curves, their neck suffers a lot during races. That’s why professional pilots do a lot of sport, to train their bodies. They also need to build deep muscle, without increasing their weights. Because the weight is fundamental in the search for speed. Finally, aerobic needs are also essential: pilots are often in apnea during their races. Their skills are therefore numerous, and their training just as interesting.

Romain Grosjean: how is he training?

Romain Grosjean is a Swiss-born French racing driver. He crashed in a big accident during the F1 Barhein Grand Prix in 2020. A terrible accident from which he escaped unscathed. Now, he’s competing in the 2021 IndyCar Series with Dale…