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Running one the road might be boring, after a few miles. Running on hills, in a forest or on sand, ahead of the sea, looks like an adventure. This is trail running. Like in triathlon, distances can be very small or very huge. Some of the most famous ultra-trails exceed 100 miles: the Diagonale des Fous at Reunion Island, UTMB in France, the Marathon des Sables in Morocco or Eastern States 100 in the United States. Running such a big distance means a lot of training. And a excellent physical condition.

Mathieu Blanchard: how is he training?

Mathieu Blanchard is a french professional ultra trailer. He’s specialized in very long running distances with Salomon. In France, he’s famous since he played in the KohLanta adventure reality show in 2020. During this TV game, he described himself as “one…